Wholesale toiletries, health & beauty and household FMCG products

DMG Wholesale Ltd is proud to be one of the UK’s leading toiletries wholesalers. We supply a wide range of FMCG branded toiletries, household products, health & beauty and OTC Medicines. 

Based in the heart of England, DMG is ideally situated to supply the whole country with product efficiently.

Trusted and Established

Founded in 2013, with over 10 years of trading.  DMG has vast experience dealing with manufacturers of big-brand FMCG toiletries and household products so we can be trusted to source the right product at the right price.

Products you can trust

DMG buy directly from many leading manufacturers and official distributors. We only sell fresh UK packs so you can be confident you are getting the latest pack and clean new stock.

Weekly floor stock price List

We hold up to £3m of stock on our warehouse floor at any one time and send out weekly updates at competitive pricing. 

B2B volume sales

We operate in bulk sales selling in full layer and pallet quantities only. This allows us to keep our prices very competitive

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