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got2b is a trend-based brand for hair styling. got2b offers unrivalled hair styling products to fit all your hair styling needs. 5 of got2b’s best-sellers are the top performing and officially #1 in the UK styling market, within their sub-categories, including: Blasting Freeze Spray 300ml & 100ml, Brows & Edges, Powder’ful and Beach Matt Paste!

Visit the got2b website for the full range, below are our bestsellers and fastest-moving products.

got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray

got2b glued blasting freeze hairspray

got2b glued gel

got2b glued spiking wax

got2b spiking gel

got2b dry shampoo extra volume

got2b dry shampoo extra texture

got2b dry shampoo extra fresh

got2b happy hours

got2b volumania hairspray

got2b volumania mousse

got2b powderful

got2b got gloss

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